Rehearsing at
Haas Hall Bentonville 2600 SE J St beginning January 27.
Spring Session
1/27 - 4/27
Concert 4/27 at 6:30pm at Amazeum
Jason Miller, Executive Director

Arkansas Philharmonic Youth Orchestra

Famed cellist, Yo-Yo Ma spoke at the 2018 League of American Orchestras Conference in June and struck a chord with us by stating:  "Music must help and serve. How does our work impact society?" 


The Arkansas Philharmonic Youth Orchestras (APYO) already plays a vibrant role in the lives of young people by connecting young musicians from the southern part of Missouri to the Fort Smith area, covering most of Northwest Arkansas, for a symphonic experience. This year we are performing "Concerts that Matter" to get our students in our community and serving through performance, arts advocacy, and mentorship.  


Partnering with the Arkansas Philharmonic Orchestra and University of Arkansas Department of Music, APYO coaches are expertly trained and eager to motivate young musicians to progress through graduated ensemble levels. In addition, individually selected university students will mentor/intern each session to gain knowledge and expertise in becoming a music educators and serve as role models for our students.  Students also receive instruction in music theory, various musical styles, best performance practices, and much more!

Through every stage of the Arkansas Philharmonic Youth Orchestras, students gain a strong foundation in the underlying principles of music and the importance of musical culture in our society.  Going far beyond learning to play their instruments, students learn expression through music, form friendships with those that share their values, and grow to be confident, caring individuals.  


The APYO strives to make sure every child that wants to play with us does regardless of the playing level. As long as they can play Twinkle Themes, race, gender, and orientation do not matter. We want you to be a part of our family and welcome you with open arms. 

Audition Results for January 18, 2020

Chamber Strings  - Remind Code @apyocham

Vincent Guerrero - Viola

Chamber Music can be downloaded HERE!

Sinfonia Strings - Remind Code @apyosinfo

Meklit Vanderhoff - Violin I

Alia Vanderhoff - Violin I

Makeda Vanderhoff - Violin II

Kaitlyn Sumpter - Violin II

Shonna Synder - Violin II

Zeph Vanderhoff - Viola

Zeke Vanderhoff - Viola

Thea Vanderhoff - Cello

Kyria Vanderhoff - Cello

Keziah Vanderhoff - Cello

Maylee Arnwine - Cello

Sinfonia Music can be downloaded HERE!

Philharmonia Strings - Remind Code @apyophilu for violins and viola and @apyophillo for cello and bass

Annalisa Gubler - Violin

Jaycee Williams - Violin

Gwyneth MIller - Violin

Cesar Alvarez - Viola

Rob Waddoups - Cello

Philharmonia students need to purchase a copy of Learning Together Book 2 by Winifred Crock for their instrument. You can find the violin book HERE. You can find the viola book HERE. You can find the cello book HERE.

A new Philharmonia piece can be downloaded HERE!

Overture Strings - Remind Code @apyoover

Overture students needs to purchase Learning Together Book 1 for their instrument. 


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